The funniest pictures!

Here are put together the funniest pictures!...that did not belong to any of the other categories in the website...


the funniest pictures



The meaning of laziness!
Strange Products! Funny countries of Europe!
6 pictures of funny look-alikes! Before the disasters...
7 pictures of a new and funny web trend! 10 pictures taken at the right moment!
The evolution of the modern man? 16 pictures of funny fingers!
10 pictures of people with wind on their face! Funny Time Travel Comic Strips!
5 pictures of the Worst Situations! 10 pictures of a Scary Haunted House!
Funny Tents! The Safest Knife!
Funny Green Objects 7 Funny Quilt Covers!

Funny Soaps!

12 Funny Drawings!

Bin Laden is not dead!

Some funny additions!
A huge backpack! Pictures of Big Stars!
Funny faces! A new way to trim the hedges!
10 funny pictures of "fixed" things... Pictures of the future?
A quick sight test! Picture of the 2009 blackout in Brazil!
Satellite television! In the subway...
American Barbie Funny hands!
Funny twins pictures! Funny zippers!
Funny wigs! Funny trees!

Jesus is alive!

A free train ride!
A new Barbie Doll! A Miracle! A man walking on water!
Australia! Someone is trying to steal the moon!
Loss of an electron... Need more time everyday? This clock is for you
The newspaper of the future! No stress...

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