Funny BIG STARS pictures!

That is what our celebrities would look with a few extra pounds!

Funny Lindsay

Poor Lindsay Lohan, in addition to all her troubles, she is now fat!


Funny Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz, Charlie's Angel, has gained weight!



Funny Brad

Even with a big belly, Brad Pitt is not so bad!



Funny Pamela Big

This super star, Pamela Anderson, now bigger than ever!


Funny Shakira

The movements of the pelvis of Shakira would probably not be the same if she was this big!




Brtiney Spears

Wow! A big star, Britney Spears!


Big Star

Anna Kournikova. I doubt that she would be such a good tennis player with this extra weight!



Funny Olsen

2 large stars, the Olsen sisters!



Claudia Schiffer Big


Funny Jennifer Aniston

Our "friend", Jennifer Aniston!




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