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funny money



The Luxury Mobile Home of Will Smith!


The Difference between Rich and Poor


The house of your dreams?


The cost of studying abroad!


Trains in India!


A luxury hotel in Singapore!


Billionaire humor!


11 pictures of vacations in the Maldives!


7 pictures of a luxury boat for sale!


A Mercedes covered in white gold


1 trillion dollars!


New company logos!


6 funny pictures of money, coins and dollars!

A very expensive cell phone!

The biggest yellow diamond in the world! A bikini made of diamonds!
No more money problems!!! The most expensive place to practice golf!
The solution to NASA's financial problems! The Cobra Tower in Kuwait. A hoax?

An underwater restaurant!

An expensive dog collar!
An expensive meal! An expensive bagel!
Canadian diamonds! A Gold covered Porsche

An expensive restaurant in New York!


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