Vacations in the Maldives

An incredible place to have great vacations! The Maldives are made of more that 1000 islands, with only 200 of them being inhabited. So if you’re looking to spend your next vacations at the beach, the Maldives Islands might be the place to go! Oh, you’d better start saving money right now though, because it is very expensive…

Maldives map

This Asian country is located at about 250 miles from India.


Maldives beaches

Nice beaches!


Island Maldives

Nice island!


Islands in the Maldives



Restaurant Maldives

A restaurant...


Sea Maldives

In the sea...


Sunset Maldives

A nice sunset in the maldives!


Tree Maldives



Vacations in the Maldives

So, does it look like a nice place to go on vacations?


Water Maldives

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