X-Seed 4000!

Forget about the Taipei 101 Tower, or the Sears Tower. These are much too small, being only 500 meters tall (about 1700 feet).

A futuristic tower, called the X-Seed 4000 has been designed as an ecological structure of about 4000 meters high in Tokyo, Japan! Solar Energy would power the X-Seed 4000 which could house between 500 000 to 1 million people. The projected cost of a building like this have been estimated between 300 to 900 billion dollars.

OK, so even if this is a nice project, chances are that we will not see this kind of tower being built in this century...


xseed in Tokyo, Japan

The X-Seed 4000 in the Tokyo landscape


Structure of the X-Seed

The structure of the XSeed 4000


Exceed 4000

Inside the Tower

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