Pictures of Weird Food!

Some meals and desserts that most of us are not used to eat. Oh, but there might be a reason for this: for most of them, it does not seem to taste good at all! Curious mixes of food indeed! 


weird food

Now, this is weird. A grilled cheese made with chocolate chip cookies!


Springrolls with bananas

Springroll, but with bananas instead of vegetables!


Spaghetti Dessert

A green tea spaghetti dessert!


Bacon cake

Pumpkin cake, with caramel and bacon!



Fries Ice Cream

Oh! Fries with ice cream! I am not sure I would like to eat my fries when they get wet with the ice cream melting...



hot dogs macaroni

Hot dogs with macaroni cheese!


Bacon chocolate

Hum... Bacon with chocolate!

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