Worst gifts for Valentine’s Day !

Here are some of the worst gifts you could be giving your lover on Valentine’s day!


If you give one of these, you might as well consider it to be your last Valentine’s Day with this person.

Worst valentine's day gift

This gift is just plain great! To make sure your lover remember that when she eats too much chocolate, she gets bigger.



Necklace for Valentine

A necklace for Valentine' Day. Well, she wanted a nice necklace, you gave her one. Why is she complaining again?



Ring as a Valentine gift

She told you that after all these years together, she would like to have a special ring from you this year for Valentine's Day. So here is a special ring, that she can wear every morning when having her coffee!



Pillow man

Excellent idea! Since you're not home often, always out with the boys, this special pillow should make her happy, no?



GPS lingerie

Lingerie with a built-in GPS! Showing her that you love her, but do not trust her.



Funny Fireplace

She always wanted a fireplace, because this is soooooo romantic! But you don't want to spend 1000$ for it, so why not just buy this 10$ DVD?



Double toilet

A double toilet, to show her that you always want to be with her. Always.


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