Summer Heat!

Some signs are good indicators that it is hot outside. When these events happen, it is because it is a hot day! Welcome to summer time, with these funny pictures!

birds shadow

You know it is hot when birds stay in the shadow!


candles melt

Candles melting, without needing fire!


Car air conditioning

You know you are in the middle of a summer heat wave when this air conditioning for car seems like a good idea for your car too!



cat summer


Oh! Too hot even for those fans!


Another sign of a summer heat wave. When your neighbour cooks his cookies in his car!


heat ice

Ice: Very important for hot summer days!


heat koala

Koalas asking for water! (It happened for real in Australia in 2009, after as a result of the recent bushfires across the state of Victoria. Details and picture of those koalas here.)



A plastic mailbox that melted. It did not stand the heat!


summer heat


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