A mutant fish ?


Near the Kali river, in India, it seems that a mutant fish recently appeared. From what the locals are saying, at the Nepal and India border, one of these mysterious mutant fish recently caught and ate a 18 years old man.

While swimming in the river, he was pulled to the bottom by this giant fish called Goonch

Picture of a mutant fish

A biologist called to investigate found a strange catfish species that might be responsible for the recent death. Here are his explanations: For years, the river has been used in Hindu ceremonies to release dead people in the water. Some freak fishes then began to get used to eating human bodies, to slowly mutate and getting bigger and bigger.

Goonch in India

Hum… Not much information are available on the web related to this story though. Do you believe this? Please leave your comments on the Funny Blog on the “Killer Fish” post!


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