Free and Funny Videos!

Crossing a river with a car!
Justice, at last! Funny Group Travel with Animals!
A Page Turning Machine! Funny Fantasy Football!
Funny Winter Video! Drilling Square Holes!
A car for cats? Funny Rain Video!
A Praying Mantis Video! A Funny Courting Video!
A funny frog dance! A Funny Police Chase!
Breathalyzer! Extreme parachuting!
A jump in a small pool A funny Valentine's Day video!
Funny Office Video! Anti theft device for cars!
A funny walrus! A giant eel!
A funny parking!

How to pack a backpack!

A funny all-terrain bike race! An Amazing Hail Storm!
A funny Water Man! In the kitchen!

Cat and dog!

The dog and the baby!

A dog eating a breakfast Funny Ultrasounds!
Avoiding work at the office! The Stupidest Men!
A wrecking ball hitting a car! A washing machine!
 Humorous videos! An amazing soccer player!
 Boat course exam! Ship launching!
A funny acupuncture video! Mass!
Traffic in Asia! Looking for a job in a funeral home?
A funny dancing baby! A great acrobatic video!
An original gift idea! The GREATEST story ever!
A miniature pig! A powerful string trimmer!
A powerful leaf blower! An iceberg video!
Why emails were invented! A funny waitress!
A powerful cordless drill! An otters video!
A funny monkey! 2 baby monkeys!
A helicopter accident! A man playing with lions!
A kid singer! A funny visit at the clinic!
A dog racing! A smart cat!
Funny Golf Video! A funny cycling video!
Eating a larva! A funny baby talk video!
A wrecked car... Video of the ex-president, George W. Bush...
A funny bowhunting video! A Funny CPR Training Video!
A funny magician video! Eating a living spider!
A cat and it's best friend! Washing the dishes?
Great commercials! A motorcycle show!

Committing adultery!

 A spectacular road accident!
The ring finger video! A funny wedding video?
 Funny weightlifting video!  Hammering nails!
 A funny woman driver video!  Funny soccer video!
 Pollution of water! The cat dance Video!
Funny diapers ad!  The blonde!
The train! Tricks to scare people!
Funny parachute jump! The laughing toy!
A Good bowler! Romantic Men
Christmas in lights and music! Funny cats!
Hidden Camera! Water purification!
 Using a GPS... Dancing in the shadows!
The Tunnel of Death! Stress at work!
Magic! A hungry pelican!
A funny mortgage ad! A real transformer!
A spectacular motorcycle accident! Wake-up!
Cheerleaders bloopers! A dangerous bull...
An astronaut mistake Pretending to work!
A snowboarding accident A very high speed camera!
Deer Hunting!  It is not easy being a woman...

People falling!

A F-18 passenger!

Out of my bed!

Fun in the subway!
Eating while fishing Ice Fishing video
Dangerous fishing Kisses!
A professional skateboarder jumping over the Great Wall of China! At the Church!
Getting old in 40 seconds! A dancing squeleton!
Funny baby in the bath! Funny Dogs!

Santa Claus!

People falling from boats!

Another scary halloween video!

A scary halloween video!
Undressing in 7.3 seconds! A great hockey goal!
The breakfast dance!

A cool Visa Ad!

Funny dancers... Having your home repaired?
A bear doing parachute in the desert... A very stupid dog!
The New Lassie! Diapers!
Miss France and Miss Italy! A cool basketball trick!

Funny soccer games!

A man angry at it's computer.

A funny motorcycle jump

Funny cats!
Duck hunting that goes wrong... You want to hit the photocopier at work? Think twice...
A China Airlines plane landing... Funny Fishing!
A towed car... 4 laughing babies!
An accident on a very dangerous street! A spectacular accident at an intersection!
An incredible truck accident! Fishermen scared by a plane!


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