Funny scarves for men and women!

This winter, protect yourself from the cold with funny, originals, specials, weird and unique scarves! Most of these scarves are made of wool, to help you stay warm whether you are a man or a woman.

Funny Scarf

A funny scarf!


Bacon Scarf

A bacon scarf!!


Scarf for Women

A nice scarf for women (Men too I suppose!)



Unique scarves

Unique and nice scarves!


Original scarf

A very original scarf!


Special Scarf

a special scarf made of sausage!



Scarf for men

A nice scarf for men and women!



Gamer scarf

Great scarves for gamers!


Original Scarves

A very Original Scarf! Mike Tyson's Punch Out.



Weird scarf

A weird scarf! Toilet paper!


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