Funny earrings!

10 pictures of the strangest, original, coolest and funniest earrings!




Funny earrings!

Funny earrings!


Coolest earrings

Ipod earrings! The coolest earrings ever!!!


Earplug earrings

Earplug earrings! Very handy to protect your ears!




Lego Earrings

Lego earrings! This is very cool!


Original earrings




Funniest earrings

Haha! The funniest earrings ever ! With these in your ears, you can even know the air temperature!



Scrabble earrings

Scrabble earrings!



stange earrings

The strangest earrings I’ve ever seen! Would you wear those?



Thermometer funny earrings

Thermometer earrings! Very funny!


Weird earrings

Very weird earrings! In fact, the weirdest I’ve ever seen! But very nice if you want to look like Mr. spock!



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