Funny Donuts!

Here is a set of pictures of funny donuts! Enjoy!


Chocolate donut

A huge chocolate donut!



4 donuts




Colored donuts

Colored donuts for the Olympics of 2012 in London!



Daily donut

One small donut everyday. Ladies, please don't forget!



donut with eggs

Yes, eggs are needed to make donuts!



Police wedding ring

A police wedding ring!



Funny donut

Funny donut!


God and donuts

And God created the donuts...



Green donut

A green donut, with a weird taste! Yurk!



Police badge

Funny police badge!



Huge donut

HUGE Donut!



meat donut

Donut made of meat?


the morning donut

The morning donut!



Police equipment

Police equipment!

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