Weird baseball accident…

Accidents are part of baseball games. No wonder, this game involves a hard ball, and wooden baseball bats.

But this baseball accident is quite weird, and I do not think it does happen often. I wonder where this happened. In India, Africa? In New York, near the zoo? Or maybe it is just in a movie… :-)

4 Responses to “Weird baseball accident…”

  1. Daily WTF Says:

    wow, that guy would have seriously crapped himself! :D

  2. Naughty Shop » Weird Basketball Accident Says:

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  3. Timmy Aboulahoud Says:

    It seemed like this page loaded really slowly. Other pages on your site came up quick, but every time I clicked on this post it took forever. Thought you’d want to know.

  4. Bill Says:

    Great brilliant post, it is very helpful, Thanks.

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