The Meanest dog!

Ouch! About a month ago, I showed you the picture of a dangerous dog. Pretty scary dog in fact. Here are some other pictures, these one of a very bad dog.

By far the meanest dog I’ve ever seen!

Meanest dog

Added to the funny animals page…

26 Responses to “The Meanest dog!”

  1. john Says:

    i was wondering if you can send me some Wallpapers

  2. Drake Cruell Says:

    What kind of dog is that

  3. Sean Says:

    It is a Caucasian Shepherd Dog

  4. jordan Says:

    pitbulls r acullay nice. they r just trained to be mean cuase their use to fight.

  5. sawyer Says:

    Pitbulls are the best breed of dog there is. If you raise them right they wiil be the best dog you can have. They were breed not to ever lay a tooth on a human, they werer bred to fight other dogs. There are more cocker spainel bites than pitbull bites

  6. homie Says:

    thats a Kangal and its the best fighting dog…not the pitbull

  7. denova Says:

    akita are very loving dogs to there family and very protective. they have energy but they dont have to be the center of attention all the time. they are very jealous dogs and dont really get along well with other animal. if someone is anywhere near the house they wont back down until that person leaves they are aggressive to strangers but loving to people they know

  8. ipodmovies Says:

    I feel bad for that dog. Rabid? He is ugly…

  9. Billy Lloyd Says:

    I love those large German Shepherd dogs and also those tiny Chihuahua.*”

  10. Devin Gennings Says:

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  11. Julian Cooper Says:

    i really love dogs as pets because they are so adorable and very loyal pets too’~’

  12. jason Says:

    hey that dog looks so mean one time a dog bite my dautreay in the face i wish i could choke it and kill it but i was not threre and i was the laset porsen to now about……..i was seared and she had to get stichies she was super super sceared

  13. Bianca Says:

    I actually think that the ROTTWEILERS are the awesome, strong, badass dogs!! They have excellent teeth, and muscular jaws!! They are great gaurd dogs and very protective. Also when there a puppy there sooooo cute. No match for a rotteiler!! :)

  14. Bianca Says:

    oh. and also the rottweilers are good dogs because when you go out for a run with the rottweiler (very energetic dog) it will protect you from any sort of danger. Like a murderer, other mean dog, and also you will look cool with that mean dog right next to you. You will look all cool and tough!! I <3 rottweilers.

  15. Sean Kaur Says:

    i love dogs and puppies because they are very very cute~;,

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  17. John Clark Says:

    i love dogs specially very small puppies coz they are so so overly cute, i love to hug them~–

  18. Optocoupler Says:

    puppies and dogs are very cute, i always love to play with them during my spare time ‘,.

  19. Kris Schap Says:

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