The biggest piranha ?

Think this is the biggest type of piranha in the world? Might be, if of course this is really a piranha. See by yourself in these pictures of what might be a “Big piranha”.

If so, let’s just say I would not like to swim where there might be some of these! :-)

I’ll wait for your comments so that you can tell me if this is really a piranha, or just another kind of big scary fish! :-)

Added to the funny fishing page!

25 Responses to “The biggest piranha ?”

  1. Mr Ri Says:

    One thing is for sure, it is not a Piranha. Piranha is fount in South American rivers, while The congo River is in Central Africa.

  2. MR V Says:

    The fotos are definitely of a TIGER FISH. I have a similar sized one hanging on my wall that was caught in the Kariba Dam. It is NOT a Piranha as they are only found in South America in the Amazonian rivers.

    It is also illegal in Africa to be in possession of piranhas without special permission and licences from the relevant government authority as the are considered as dangerous alien species to the african continent.

  3. admin Says:

    Thanks for the information Mr Ri and Mr. V!

  4. Ella Says:


  5. reggie from the bronx Says:

    Well if that is a piranhas then I think its beautiful. Man that’s big. I wish my piranhas got that big. I have 8 red bellies and I wanted to no if anyone knew how to distinguish male from female. My e-mail address is please anyone with info notify me as soon as you read this, thank you and god bless everyone.

  6. trent from az Says:

    it is a goliath tiger fish, not a piranha

  7. ronald Says:

    I think it’s a PIRANHA!!!! :) :) :) :) :) :)

  8. gjdhhkfhjk Says:

    :) ;):):):):):):)

  9. gjdhhkfhjk Says:

    :) ;):):):):):):)

  10. Irp Says:

    They took our jebbss

  11. Aleda Says:

    It’s a goliath tigerfish and NOT a piranha. Too many differences exist. First of all, the body is too streamlined compared to a disc-shaped piranha. Second of all, the teeth are too different. Whereas the tigerfish teeth interlock, a piranha’s are more like a serrated knife. Third of all, piranhas are only found in South America. Hope that helps. :)

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  18. Misa Liam Says:

    This thing is definitely a Tiger-Fish!

  19. Adina Howman Says:

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  23. Silvio Cantero Says:

    Este é o peixe-tigre ou “tigerfish”, o grande troféu do rio Congo.
    Procurem por “Tigerfish”, e encontrarão mais notícias nos sites de busca.

  24. nemerian Says:

    That ain’t no friggin piranha, that’s a tigerfish (i was bitten by one). And dont worry, you can swim, they won’t just attack you.

  25. thisonenorwegianguy Says:


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