Right now, I’m quite hungry. So thinking about sushi makes my mouth water.


But wait before you drool. I just got some “funny” pictures of sushi by email from SushiMan. Want some of it? I don’t think you would want to eat them.:-)

You will understand when you see these Chinese Sushi!

Added to the Funny China page and to the Funny Food page!

4 Responses to “Sushi!!!!”

  1. Steve Says:

    This is bullshit!
    This is misleading and insulting!
    This doesn’t do the world any good but promoting misunderstangding and stereotype!

    Have you ever ordered sushi before? I bet you havn’t!

  2. Jonathan (admin) Says:

    Come on Steve! It’s only a joke. And yes, I eat sushi from time to time, but I don’t see the point… :-)

  3. ipodmovies Says:

    I dont get it…

  4. FREE Book Says:

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