Football players

Bah, some people complain that the salary of the professional football players is often very high. That’s right, but it is well deserved! Think about it: The guys are elite athletes, training many hours a day, eating well and being in a top shape 365 days per year.

Well, ok, there is some exceptions… :-)

Football player

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  1. Julian Cooper Says:

    Football is a bit tiring game but it has given me great excitement and it is a good physical exercise too..~`

  2. Zara Robertson Says:

    avid Football fan in here, Manchester United is my favorite team.:~-

  3. Glass Coffee Table ` Says:

    football is a very physical game and it really stretches your bones and muscles;.-

  4. Pressure Sensors : Says:

    me and my brother loves to play footbal and it keeps our bodies slim and fit too-~;

  5. Anxiety Depression Says:

    both basketball and football are sports that are very close to my heart. i love them both but football is my passion -’;

  6. Kasey Madlung Says:

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  7. Richard Says:

    Only if the heavens above can be measured and the foundations of the earth below be searched out will I reject all the descendants of Israel.

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