Beds for dogs and cats!

Here are some pictures of beds for dogs and cats of all kinds!


bed dogs

A great bed for your pet! See how these dogs look happy in these car pet beds!




bed for cats

A bed for cat. Definitively not a bed for dogs.



bed for animals

Whether it is for your cat or dog, this Croc bed is sure to make a fine bed for your pet!



foldable pet bed

A foldable pet bed!



bed for dogs

A bed that also serves as a small table



bed oxygen

An oxygen bed for animals. Yes, some people think that sleeping in pure oxygen is good for health. So if this is good for humans, why not having an oxygen bed for your cat or dog?



bed animals cat

Another kind of bed for your cat. Great for naps in the living room!




hanging bed

A hanging pet bed, only for cats though!


luxury bed

A luxury bed for your cat or dog!


bed open

A great bed for those without much space to spare.


For the long winter months, this tanning bed will help your cat or dog to get simulated sunshine! If this help humans to get the much needed light, why wouldn’t it be as good for your cat or dog?


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