Pictures of airlines meals!

When in long plane flights, meals are served by airlines companies. The quality of the food in these planes is very different depending of the ticket price and the airline company we do business with.

Here are some pictures of meals in different flights. As you can see, the quality and quantity of the meal differs a lot…


Meal American Airlines

The Economy class at American Airlines. Very American. Sandwich, Pepsi and chips!



In a Turkish Airlines flight...



Thai Airways meal

The economy class of Thai Airways. Nice!



In a business class flight, at Swiss International Airlines


Spain air

Spanair, from Spain. The economy class. What's in there though?


Singapore Airlines

Meal from a Singapore Airlines flight, business class.



Singapore meal - A380

Singapore Airlines again, business class again, but this time in an Airbus A380 plane!



Meal plane Turkish Airlines

Meal in a plane of Turkish Airlines!


Martin Air, the Economy class



Lufthansa meal

The Lufthansa of Germany, in a business class flight



Meal KLM Airlines

The economy class of KLM airlines. What is this food?


Gulf Airlines, Business class



German airlines meal

A German Airlines meal


The economy class of Emirates Airlines. Looks good!


The first class of Etihad Airlines


Emirate Airlines A380 suite meal

Wow! A meal served in an Emirates Airlines fight, in a suite of an A380 plane!


Economy class of Lufthansa Airlines. Of couse, with a German sausage!


Meal in Continental Airlines

In a Continental Airlines flight, in first class. Great meal!



Singapore Airlines again, this time in business class.


Air Canada flight meal

Air Canada! A small slice of pizza!


Air Berlin meal

The economy class of Air Berlin.

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